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Welcome to the inspiring world of Orac Decor! Recognized as Europe's #1 choice for interior mouldings and millwork since 1970, Orac Decor is a worldwide leader in the production of architecturally accurate decorative mouldings and millwork.

Inspired by popular historical, classical and even contemporary designs, the Orac Purotouch®, Duropolymer®, Durofoam®, and Flex® Collections comprise hundreds of different profiles from which to choose and are suited for use in virtually all types of residential and commercial construction, renovation and redecoration applications.

Like no other on the market today, the deep relief designs of the Orac®  Collections convey a physical and visual texture unlike any other polymer, wood or plaster millwork available, which allow for and will endure years of repeated refinishing.

Our products are not just durable and light. They are also easy to install. We offer contemporary quality solutions that are both functional and decorative to suit every project. Our elements bring to life what is flat and bare.

Use Orac Decor® products and discover how quickly, easily and cost-effectively Orac® mouldings and millwork can help you to convert your quarters from ordinary to extraordinary!